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Allison is a Knoxville native and proud alumna of both the University of Tennessee and University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She spent the majority of her ten-year academic career specializing in the religious culture of medieval Europe. Her studies provided her with a strong interdisciplinary foundation in the humanities, an aptitude for learning ancient and modern languages, and a deep appreciation for recent scholarship embracing the role of the body in human perception and cognition.

As part of her training, Allison served as a teaching assistant at UNC-Chapel Hill, working closely with students to build their reading comprehension and writing skills while also supporting them during their transition to university life. She quickly developed a passion for teaching, striving to meet students “where they are” and help them build the skills necessary to be successful in whatever major they ultimately chose. Having seen the impact of mental and physical wellness on learning, she knows that this success requires more than intellectual knowledge and skills. Allison, therefore, endeavors to facilitate the growth of her students as human beings by expanding their mindfulness toolbox and ability to navigate challenges.

Outside of academia, Allison also worked as a legal and technical writer for a large immigration law firm. There, she had the opportunity to engage with her clients’ cutting-edge research in the STEMs and medicine. Her work reignited Allison’s interests in these fields, motivating her to consider careers where she could engage with these disciplines. Her transition from academia was complete when she became a tutor. Allison now uses her academic and professional experiences to support students of all ages in building their fundamental skills in a range of subjects. She enjoys the intellectual challenge of adapting diverse information to different age groups and is grateful for the interpersonal growth she has experienced from helping various stages of students address their learning barriers.

In her spare time, you can find Allison tending to her three rabbits (Ellie, Benji, and Sofie) and two cats (Bohemond and Norbert), cooking with her partner, Charles, and exploring her new hobby of gardening.


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