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Bennett Davis

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Meet Bennett Davis, hailing from New Jersey and currently enrolled at Vanderbilt University. He’s carving his path toward a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics, driven by a passion for innovation and helping others. Since joining Vanderbilt, Bennett’s enthusiasm for tutoring has flourished. Starting as an independent tutor, he has taught students ranging from ages 9 to 23. Now, he’s proud to be part of the Granite Education team! Bennett thrives on helping students deepen their understanding of challenging subjects like mathematics, chemistry, test prep, and computer science. He believes that a mindful teaching style makes learning a rewarding experience for all learners. Beyond academics, Bennett’s hobby is piloting. At 17, he obtained his private pilot’s license and has been soaring the skies ever since. The thrill of flying is a passion that keeps him grounded yet constantly seeking new horizons.


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