Haroun Naeem
I’m a former investment banker and CPA and a current MBA at Vanderbilt. Let me share my experience so you can acheive your dream score!

Haroun Naeem

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Haroun has a deep passion for standardized tests, and is motivated to help students realize that it really is all effort and not IQ. While at Franklin High, Haroun took several AP classes, with top scores, all achieved through hard work. He was exposed to many students who thought they weren’t smart enough to do well, and is trying to change the narrative. With top scores on the ACT, and on the GMAT, an active CPA license, and almost a CFA, he is a lifelong learner across an array of subjects. He has worked with students and earned $40K of scholarships. His favorite sections of the ACT are English and Science (amusingly he hated Science growing up), as well as GMAT Math (helping him earn a 70% scholarship to Vanderbilt’s MBA Program). Additionally, Haroun can offer career consultation, particularly in the finance and accounting field. Finally, thanks to his passion for writing, Haroun loves supporting students in a wide array of institutional admissions application cycles.

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