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Helen Nonn

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As a lifelong educator, flexibility, deep connection, and emotional security are paramount to Helen Nonn’s educational philosophy. Helen has been working in education for twenty years in various capacities and settings, ranging from traditional private and public schools, as well as Montessori, Reggio, and Forest Schools, and homeschooling her own children. She has a Master’s in Special Education from the University of Tennessee, and has taught on three continents and in multiple states, as well as online. She is certified with Lifeways North America, a Rudolf Steiner-based program. And on a personal level, Helen lives what she teaches, as a recently diagnosed ADHDer. She is passionate about integrating executive function skills in ways applicable to making life easier. She has a fierce passion for understanding children and families, and works hard to navigate the idiosyncrasies of each person gracefully. Helen has five children and is a Nashville native. Her diverse experience gives her a vast toolbox that is easily adapted and individualized to meet the needs of each of her students.


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