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My students mean the world to me, and I do everything in my power to support and empower them. I love seeing my students leave my office with a smile on their face and a sense of achievement.

Landon Funk

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Granite Educatin’s Director of College Counseling and Director of ISEE Test Prep. Landon Funk is a feminist, gender, and sexuality scholar, educator, and professor based in Nashville, Tennessee. She received her bachelor’s in English from Princeton University in 2015 and master’s in English Literature from Mercy College in 2022. A Wilson trained educator, Funk works with student in middle and high school on test prep, writing, and specific subjects and advises students and families with the college admissions process (including essay writing, meeting deadlines, making college lists, etc.). In addition to her work at Granite, she teaches writing, film, and literature at Nashville State Community College and Columbia State Community College. She has presented her research at the South Atlantic Modern Language Association’s conference, the Pacific and Ancient Modern Language Association’s conference, and Mercy College’s Writing, Image, Text symposium. Her personal and academic work can be found in The South Atlantic Review, The Tennessean, Red Hyacinth, among others. Funk also teaches yoga, specializing in how trauma manifests in the body and mind-body connection through movement and meditation. She is an avid reader and crocheter who enjoys snuggling up on the couch with her dog, Andy.

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