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Having trouble with math, language arts, or other subjects? I’d love to help! Let’s use mindfulness tools to better understand difficult subjects.

Sam Raiche

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Sam studied vocal music and philosophy at Luther College, and music education at the University of Iowa. Before coming to Tennessee, Sam was the music teacher at Willowwind School- a small private elementary in Iowa City- and a substitute teacher in the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. Sam believes that deep learning is a complex, self-motivated, and internal process; we learn by taking in new information and connecting it to what we already know. This process happens when students feel comfortable in the learning environment, are presented new information in varied and engaging ways, and apply new knowledge to their lives. Sam has seen how principles of mindfulness can help in the learning process: students are able to better self-regulate emotions, cope with anxiety, and understand and advocate for their specific needs. In his free time, you can find Sam out in the woods hiking and climbing; at home reading, writing, or cooking; playing music and talking about life with friends; or skateboarding and doing yoga at Centennial!

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Sam Raiche's institutional projects

Kipp Public Schools

Kipp Academy ACT Senior Scholarship

This winter, Granite Education set out to bring mindfulness-based ACT prep to seniors at KIPP: Nashville Collegiate High School.

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