Thomas Massion
As I’m diving into the world of STEM with students, my goal isn’t just to teach but to light a fire for lifelong learning!

Thomas Massion

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Thomas is an analyst and scientist with 3+ years of workplace experience in data analysis, computer programming, and research. Having completed a B.S. from Northwestern University in Industrial Engineering in 2020 along with an M.A. in Clinical Psychology in 2023 also from Northwestern, Thomas’ combined interest in quantitative methods and mental health uniquely informs his approach to working with students in math, statistics, and programming. He aspires to teach not just STEM topics, but also to shed light bit by bit on the inner workings of learning and strong work habits, helping students feel a sense of agency in their education. In his free time, Thomas enjoys music production, playing soccer, keeping up with his favorite NBA and EPL teams, and reading!


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