At Granite Education, we partner with institutions to bring innovative projects in education technology, curriculum development, in-person-classes, and staffing.

Our Projects.

Boys and Girls Club

Boys and Girls Club Mindfulness-Based ACT Test Prep

Leverage Granite Education educators and technology to build a comprehensive mindfulness Centered ACT Test prep offering.
Granite LGBTQ Impact Educator Course

The LGBTQ Impact Educator Pilot

Professional Development for Educators Seeking to Support LGBTQ+ Students through an On-Demand, Asynchronous Online Course and Certificate.
Kipp Public Schools

Kipp Academy ACT Senior Scholarship

This winter, Granite Education set out to bring mindfulness-based ACT prep to seniors at KIPP: Nashville Collegiate High School.

Our Partners.

HG Hill Middle

U.C. Irvine


Harvard University

University of Georgia

Agnes Scott College

Lipscomb University

Franklin High School


Northwestern University

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