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Grantly is a Nashville local and University School of Nashville alum. Soon after Graduating from Dartmouth College with a degree in economics and studio art, Grantly founded GRANITE®. Fascinated by understanding student motivation, productivity, and goal creation, Grantly has contributed to research studying factors impacting motivation and decision-making (specifically as it pertains to mindfulness) at both Dartmouth College and Vanderbilt University. Grantly likes to refer to these factors as “Test Taking Intangibles”®; he works to ensure all students at his center have a rich understanding of both standard academic content (math, grammar, etc.) as well as the intangibles of test taking (calm, focus, nutrition, etc.) Grantly is a certified KORU™ mindfulness instructor and has taught mindfulness classes for stress reduction and academic performance at his home base (GRANITE®), as well as Vanderbilt University and Dartmouth College. When not working with students, Grantly plays in a couple Nashville area tennis leagues; he loves cooking Indian food, charcoal drawing, and playing guitar. Most of all, Grantly loves talking with families and students about how they can achieve their academic goals!

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Grantly Neely's institutional projects

Boys and Girls Club

Boys and Girls Club Mindfulness-Based ACT Test Prep

Leverage Granite Education educators and technology to build a comprehensive mindfulness Centered ACT Test prep offering.
Granite LGBTQ Impact Educator Course

The LGBTQ Impact Educator Pilot

Professional Development for Educators Seeking to Support LGBTQ+ Students through an On-Demand, Asynchronous Online Course and Certificate.
Kipp Public Schools

Kipp Academy ACT Senior Scholarship

This winter, Granite Education set out to bring mindfulness-based ACT prep to seniors at KIPP: Nashville Collegiate High School.

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