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it's important to remember that IB is not like those other programs...

The Reality of IB

Let’s face it, sometimes International Baccalaureate (IB or internationalbaccalaureate) Diploma Candidates can get stressed-out. This fact can be vexing to parents who have seen their children succeed with ease in lower school or at other programs. But it’s important to remember that IB is not like those other programs. It is an intensive course of study aimed at preparing students for the rigors of higher education through “a broad, balanced, conceptual and connected curriculum.” In other words, it’s a lot of work and a lot of studying.

What do IB Students Need?

Sometimes, helping an IB student tackle their stress can be as simple as providing instructional support for specific courses with which the student is struggling. From HL Physics to Theory of Knowledge, Granite educators are always happy to help students learn content and prepare for assessments. That said, we also know that the cause of a student’s stress may sometimes have more to do with things like managing attention or navigating IB’s complex requirements than actual conceptual deficits. In these cases, mindfulness can be instrumental in both relieving stress and improving academic performance.

Tutoring an IB Candidate

IB students are unique among their peers. By choosing to attend an IB school, these students have opted into 4 years of high homework volume, challenging assessments, and confusing diploma requirements. In general, the social atmosphere at  schools in the IBO system is more academic, more competitive, and more focused on the goal of earning admission to a top university. For this reason, students seeking academic assistance should look for tutors who are familiar with the “programme” and its expectations. Tutors with a strong understanding of the IB system are able to see the “big picture” of a candidate’s academic journey and can better advise them at any point in the process.

Need an IB Tutor?

Mindfulness for IB

Here are 3 major areas where Granite Tutors have helped IB Candidates succeed:

  1. Executive functioning support (EE, CAS)

    Procrastination is a problem for most IB students. Our talented executive functioning experts work with IB students on calendar management, study-skills, and more! 

  2. Meditation for test anxiety (HL/SL, ACT/SAT/PSAT)

    Sometimes IB students just need to “take a breath.”

  3. College Planning

    Even the most well-organized IB students would benefit from guidance when putting together a plan for college admissions. After all, there’s a lot to keep track of: planning your personal statements, completing the common app, asking for rec letters, finding scholarships, filling out FAFSA, etc. Granite’s College Counselors can help take the stress out of the college application process!

  4. Subject Support

    “IB classes are hard.” We know. We’ve been there. And we’ve got you covered for help with any subject in the IB course catalog. Even if you’re already doing well in the course, our educators can help ensure that your knowledge of the course material translates well to the actual IB exam. 

IB Tutoring FAQ

Q: “Should I enroll my child in an ibprogram? There are a few schools with ib in our area, but I don’t know much about the International Baccalaureate Programmes.”


A: The IB and Pre-IB “programmes” are intended to provide students with a rigorous course of study in preparation for the university experience. IB courses are more difficult conceptually and require students to do more homework than traditional high school classes. We recommend discussing IB with your student’s current teachers and consulting staff at the IB school in your area. If you still need help determining if IB is right for you, send us an email!


Q: “Do you have access to the ibquestion bank.”


A: Nope. We take academic honesty seriously here at Granite. We are always ready to help students succeed in classes but will never just “give you the answers.”


Q: “I am getting stressed about my total ibscores. Can you give me some quick tips for my IBDP exams? I don’t want to be left out when all my friends get their IB diplomas”


A: Here’s one solid tip that should help with any IB test: PRACTICE. Print out an old example of the IB test you’re worried about and take the entire thing- even if you’ve already done this in your classes. This will really help you lock down pacing. Connect with our educators for more specific curriculum IB advice!

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