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International Baccalaureate (IB) Support

The Reality of IB Let’s face it, sometimes International Baccalaureate (IB or internationalbaccalaureate) Diploma Candidates can get stressed-out. This fact can be vexing to parents who have seen their children succeed with ease in lower school or at other programs. But it’s important to remember that IB is not like those other programs. It is …

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Arizona State University

Exclusivity, Injunctions, and Voluntourism- A New Horizon for Test-Optional

The Genesis of “Test Optional” The idea of a test-optional admissions policy-one that would eliminate the requirement for submission of standardized test scores for applicants-first gained steam in the media after a widely- reported speech by the University of California’s president Richard Atkinson in 2001. Atkinson sensed that the concept of “innate intelligence” measured by …

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Test Optional Tips and Tricks

#1 Understand School’s Motivation The appearance of exclusivity, rather than the development of an intellectually and spiritually enriching environment for students, is frequently what drives the adoption of test-optional policies. Yale’s application rate, for instance, went up 33-percent this year, and its introduction of a test-optional application must have been largely responsible. And, as noted …

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