Math Geniuses

Math Geniuses – do they exist? Here at Granite Education, we like to say “no, math geniuses do not exist.” For many students, math (or another “math-heavy field” like computer science, physics, accounting, economics etc.) can be the most intimidating subject in school. Statements like “I’m not some math genius” or “I can’t possibly take

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Grantly Neely - Next Award

Next Award

GRANITE® Education wins at NEXT Awards 2021 We are thrilled to announce that GRANITE® Test Prep has been named the NEXT Awards 2021 Emerging Products and Services Winner. It is such an honor to be recognized in a city of so many brilliant, talented, and innovative entrepreneurs. We firmly believe that this award serves as

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What is FAFSA?

What is FAFSA

Filling out college applications is strenuous, time-consuming, and, sometimes, boring. Now, add on applying for scholarships and federal aid, and you might feel a little overwhelmed. Well, you do not have to be. As someone who applied to around forty colleges and universities and for federal student aid, I can tell you firsthand that this

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Nashville Tutor

Nashville Tutor

Nashville, often referred to as the “Music City,” is known for its vibrant music scene and rich cultural heritage. But beyond its melodious tunes, this dynamic city offers something equally valuable — access to exceptional educational resources. If you or your child are looking to excel academically, a Nashville tutor may be the key to

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